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    SEO Agency Cash 2011 by Steve Peters Benn

    Sometimes, the most effective offline marketing techniques are the simplest ones.

    Take SEO Agency Cash 2011 by Steve Peters Benn. This packed video training series shows you how to sell search engine optimisation services to businesses.

    SEO Agency Cash 2011

    Now, you don't position these as search engine optimisation. Instead, you push the benefits that these businesses will receive: more leads, more sales, more custom, or whatever is appropriate for their particular business type.

    What Steve has done is to find a way to capitalise on many of the poor websites that are out there (think of the times when everyone and their dog thought that they were capable of building a website) and shown you how to sell subscription based services to those companies. This isn't theory, it's the "bread and butter" of one of Steve's main businesses and is packed full of practical examples.

    This course started out as 6 weeks of training, with videos provided each weekday. This WSO takes the training, packages it up so you get access to everything at once, and also includes extra videos for many of Steve's latest findings. Plus, there are bonuses including Steve's own templates he uses in his business.

    You get everything you need included to get started. There are mutliple methods to get leads, and multiple packages to provide for the offline businesses. This really is a tried-and-tested system suitable for any internet marketer with even a basic knowledge of search engine optimisation to pick up and run with.

    Make sure you get this training on how to offer these SEO services to offline businesses whilst Steve has it available at this crazy WSO discount.


    Get SEO Agency Cash 2011 at the WSO discount price here..


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    Dec 14th, 2011

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