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    Short Copy Formula by Steve Peters Benn

    What do tweets, status updates, Facebook ads and email headlines all have in common?

    They've all got to be written using as few words (and characters) as possible to get results. And, that's a big limitation if you're marketing or copywriting.

    Short Copy Formula by Steve Peters Benn provides the solutions in the form of detailed training from a well-respected copywriter.

    Short Copy Formula

    Steve terms writing for all of these mediums as writing "short copy" and I've never seen a course on this that goes beyond the basics.

    Well, Steve has definitely raised the bar on this form of advertising, providing a membership area packed full of detailed videos (along with mindmaps and PDFs), plus useful resources like copies of his best converting email subject lines.

    The videos cover everything from the psychology of short copy (it's very important to get inside the mind of potential buyers with these length restrictions), to exactly how to phrase each copy element. He even covers the difficult question of what to leave out due to the limited characters available.

    Plus, Steve has packed the course through with examples, including his own copy, as well as his observations from different marketers. This allows him to provide techniques which you can use successfully in any niche to grow your business.

    I really liked Steve's examples of how to use these techniques for SMS marketing, but even if you just write Pay-Per-Click adds, you can develop winning campaigns when you follow these methods.

    Short Copy Formula comes highly recommended for anyone who has to sell in their online or offline business (let's face it, that's everyone) and I suspect that we'll be seeing short copy as the most important skill for copywriters to develop over the coming years.


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    Jun 16th, 2012

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