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    Simple Coupon Overload by Simple Spencer

    Here's a clever offline marketing technique you can use to promote a business with Facebook to create a real buzz.

    Simple Coupon Overload by Simple Spencer is a twist on how you sell Facebook services as an offline marketer, designed to really help you to convert clients into buyers.

    Simple Coupon Overload

    The heart of the system is an exclusive WordPress plugin, which manages setting up the Facebook coupon with for you (and yes, this is easy to set up and video training is included).

    Plus, you get the main Simple Coupon Overload training, which includes both an overview PDF, and videos showing you how to attract the right offline clients and how to sell this business in a box. This is one of those products which is short and simple, but has massive offline marketing potential.

    There are bonuses as well, including an unreleased offline marketing product and access to a community (where all your questions about this coupon based system can be answered), but generally there's plenty of value here, even if this is just another offline marketing weapon to add to your arsenal.

    And, for PLR buyers, there's an option to upgrade your purchase to include Private Label Rights after you buy (but this is totally optional).T

    This is a great product and several early buyers have already brought in money after applying the system. Definitely worth applying in your own local area as an excellent "foot in the door" system.


    Get the WSO for Simple Coupon Overload right here…

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    Dec 8th, 2011

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