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FB Engagement Formula by Andrew Hunter

Tweet If you work as a freelancer, whether you're a writer, programmer, video creator, graphic designer or any other type of freelancer, you should always be looking for more ways to get clients to your business. One of the most underutilised methods in Facebook, but one person has had a lot of success with this, and he's documented how he

Feb 29th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

$97 For 500 Words by Shay Rockhold

Tweet This WSO Is No Longer Available – Check Out Shay Rockhold's Bargain Price Writing Coaching   If you're ever tried writing for other people as a freelancer, you'll know how frustrating it is trying to get paid a decent wage (and anywhere close to what you're actually worth). $97 For 500 Words by Shay Rockhold is the answer to

Aug 21st, 2011
by Thom Lancaster

Instant Content Creation Expert by Steve Peters Benn

Tweet Have you ever wondered how some people can take a topic that they just don't know all that well, and write interesting articles, record videos and compile reports? There's an artform for this, but it's an important skill to master, whether you're working for yourself or as a freelancer. Instant Content Creation Expert by Steve Peters Benn is the

Aug 3rd, 2011
by Thom Lancaster