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Udemy Crusher by Mike Somerville

Tweet Want to know the secrets to combining the power of social sites, ClickBank and email marketing? Udemy Crusher by Mike Somerville gives you a unique take on how to merge all these cutting edge technologies and platforms together. And it's all based around the unique Udemy Internet Marketing training site. The courses in Udemy typically sell for hundreds of

Jun 24th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

Business Breaker by Dave Hughes

Tweet Do you know what the biggest mistake is that you can make when creating a product or WSO for the market? It's creating something that simply doesn't have the right potential to make sales. Without an audience, there's no way you're going to recover your time investment. Business Breaker by Dave Hughes came out when Dave made this same

Jun 17th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

7 Dollar WSO Product Creation System

Tweet This is my fastest system for creating Warrior Special Offers. 7 Dollar WSO Product Creation System is a video training product showing how to make WSOs quickly that you can sell for $7 each. This goes against much of the conventional wisdom that says that WSOs now have to be a massive launch, giving away thousands of dollars in

Apr 28th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

Secret Product Formula by Steve Peters Benn

Tweet Want to be shown how to create products by one of the masters in the genre? And not just receive old advice telling you to go to ClickBank and clone a product. Secret Product Formula by Steve Peters Benn gives you the methods used by a marketer whose products have sold for over $200,000 in the past 12 months,

Mar 1st, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

WSO Crusher by Beverley Watts

Tweet I haven't reviewed many WSO training products recently as there haven't been that many released that have impressed me. That changes with WSO Crusher by Beverley Watts, which gives a new take on the whole WSO creation process. WSO Crusher provides four interviews with well-known and successful Warriors about how they create the products that they sell as WSOs.

Dec 14th, 2011
by Thom Lancaster