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WSOs Don’t Work – People Do!

Tweet I just came across this great quote on the Warrior Forum and thought that I had to share it. "WSOs Don't Work – People Do!" It really brings to a tee both the advantages and disadvantages of working within the WSO space. There are a lot of very powerful WSOs, which, if applied correctly, stand to make their buyers

Jul 22nd, 2013
by Thom Lancaster

WSO Graphics Bot by Maghfur Amin

Tweet This one's short and sweet. These are just nice graphics that anyone who deals in WSOs will love to use. WSO Graphics Bot by Maghfur Amin provides you with 13 exclusive modules of WSO graphics. All the graphics are ready and use (although many of them are perfect to slip into WSO sales threads with absolutely no editing required).

Oct 14th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

How To Sell Non-Internet Marketing Products As Warrior Special Offers

Tweet Quite simply put, Warrior Special Offers sell best to Internet Marketers. If you're not producing a product aimed at that niche, for instance, you create a tutorial guide to flower arranging, them that won't sell well as a Warrior Special Offer. But, there are ways to monetise content like that and to sell it as a WSO. The best

Aug 29th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

WSOPress Premium Plugin by Mark Hess

Tweet The launch of WSO Pro Adaptive has really thrown the cat amongst the pigeons in terms of quality solutions for delivering WSOs securely. A lot of the old tools simply don't work. WSOPress Premium Plugin by Mark Hess solves that by providing a WordPress plugin which works with both the original WSO Pro (split PayPal payments) and the new

Aug 12th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

Last Warrior Standing by Kevin Rogers

Tweet What do you do when you're faced with all the problems posed by PayPal shutting down accounts and you want to run WSOs? You look for alternatives, that's what. One of the best alternatives is ClickBank and Last Warrior Standing by Kevin Rogers explores how to use the ClickBank marketplace to sell products online. So, what exactly will you

May 27th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster