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    The Amazon Goldrush by Aravindh Shridhar

    This is an interesting product, as it works on multiple levels. First of all, this is perfect for Amazon affiliates. Second, this is an example of a type of product you can create that's in demand and sell as a WSO, even if you don't have a lot of Internet Marketing experience or name value.

    The Amazon Goldrush by Aravindh Shridhar is a collection of 100 high performing Amazon products, perfect for creating an Amazon affiliate site around.

    The Amazon Goldrush

    All the products have been chosen to be popular, that is well-ranked and good reviews from customers. Plus, they pay a decent Amazon affiliate commission (there's nothing priced under $100 here).

    And, these aren't your typical products from the electronic category. That area is ultra-competive already. These you have more chance to make some money from.

    This product delivers exactly what is says, a spreadsheet with the product details identified, but that's a real time-saver if you're an affiliate on Amazon.

    I said at the start of the review that you could also learn from The Amazon Goldrush WSO's structure. Simple research products, that save people time, can also make you money, and you can see that if you check out the sales copy for the WSO and how it is delivered. Definitely an idea worth considering.


    Get The Amazon Goldrush directly as a WSO here…

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    Dec 10th, 2011

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