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    The Holy Grail of Google Plus by Ed Akehurst, Martha Mayo and Christine Roux

    Check Out The New Version Of The Holy Grail Of Google Plus

    Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to Google+, which includes all the latest changes since the social media launched?

    The Holy Grail of Google Plus by Ed Akehurst, Martha Mayo and Christine Roux provides that, with a detailed 103 page step-by-step guide to Google, and that's before a series of videos and other extras.

    The Holy Grail Of Google+

    One key part of The Holy Grail Of Google Plus, which I've never seen another Google+ report replicate, is that this shows you how to measure your entire social media presence from a single place. Think, rolling together Facebook, Twitter, even your WordPress blog. That's a powerful concept and a real time saver.

    Plus, Ed, Martha and Christine also show you the latest features allowing businesses to set up their own Google+ profiles. Not many people are wise to this yet, so there are excellent offline marketing opportunities if you can get in quick. These new pages are great for SEO as well (Google's going mad for its new service, unsurprisingly), so that adds another feature you can promote.

    And, if you use PLR in your business, there's a bargain opportunity to grab Private Label Rights to this guide after you purchase. Whether you want the personal training, or to sell this yourself, you're getting a great deal for this packed Google+ training.

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    Dec 4th, 2011

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