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    The Kindle Clone Method by Ed Lewis

    This isn't a brand new WSO on the market, but it is one of the better publications showing you how to make money with the Amazon Kindle.

    The Kindle Clone Method by Ed Lewis gives you a detailed PDF guide showing you how to create books that have sheer selling potential behind them.

    The Kindle Clone Method

    One thing I really like about Ed's guide is that he isn't one of those people who tells you to just put lots of Private Label Rights content on the Kindle. That approach will do you no good at all. Your customers won't be satisfied and you'll probably end up being banned by Amazon.

    Instead Ed shows you how to put together higher quality books (there is some work involved, but this isn't like writing the kind of book you'd buy in a real life bookseller), and crucially, how you can make sure that those books will be popular with customers.

    I discovered some new sites for Amazon research that I didn't know about (and that's as someone who has published plenty of Kindle books himself) and the whole process behind Kindle publishing is laid out clearly, with plenty of ideas slipped in along the way.

    The Kindle Clone Method is a powerful system and it really will help you to break into Kindle publishing.


    Here's where you can get your copy of The Kindle Clone Method at the WSO saving…

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    Dec 7th, 2011


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