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    The WordPress Plugin Trend

    One big trend I've noticed with WSOs over the past 12 months is a move towards creating software products.

    Software products are appealing to WSO creators on many levels:

    • they can be sold at a higher price (more money)
    • they are harder to produce than reports (less competition)
    • they can cut require registration (less piracy)
    • they can provide a mechanism to communicate to buyers through the plugin panel (continued communication)

    A look around the Warrior Forum at any time usually shows a few WSOs on the first page of the results which are WordPress Plugins.

    A look at the recent high performing WSOs on Warrior Plus always reveals that a few of these are WordPress Plugins.

    It is most definitely the time to be coming up with ideas for WordPress Plugins, implementing them, and selling plugins that other Internet Marketers would like to see on the Warrior Forum.

    To find out more about how to create WordPress Plugins to sell on the Warrior Forum, I recommend http://jasonfladlientraining.com/pluginhotshot/, which shows how Jason creates WordPress plugins for his own million dollar plus a year business.

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    Feb 26th, 2012

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