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    Warrior Forum Expands

    One of the biggest changes in the Warrior Forum over the past few weeks has been the addition of new forums.

    In fact, the Warrior Forum is looking to expand, and anyone with an idea for a new forum (something which isn't already covered elsewhere with the existing forums) is encouraged to contact them. For best results, the proposed new forum should be something that you already have expertise with (and some name value).

    There are some new free forum areas, but most of the new forums are involved with deriving revenue for the Warrior Forum in some way.

    For instance, there's now a Web Hosting Offers section, where those people providing web space can pay to advertise their service.

    There are also several paid and private forums. One of these jumps into the massive area of Kindle publishing (it remains to be seen if posts on this subject will still be welcomed in the rest of the forum). More are to follow.

    It is good to see the Warrior Forum trying to regain the ground which it has lost to its competitors by experimenting with new sections. The end result will be interesting.

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    Nov 17th, 2012

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