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Here's where you can keep on top of the latest news from the Warrior Forum, particularly where it relates to succeeding with Warrior Special Offers.

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Million Dollar WSO Trend

Tweet One of the biggest changes on the Warrior Forum in the past few months has been a move towards massive launches, complete with launch managers, JV managers and dozens of interested affiliates. These launches seem to be replacing some of the ClickBank launches that have been popular in Internet Marketing in previous years. So, what's the overall aim with

Mar 16th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

Warrior Forum Down Time

Tweet I don't know about you, but I've noticed a few occasions recently where the Warrior Forum has been down. That's frustrating if you want to chat about Internet Marketing or buy WSOs. It's particularly frustrating if you're selling WSOs, or promoting those an affiliate, and losing money all the time that the Warrior Forum is down. So, what can

Mar 14th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

Digiresults – Competition For Warrior+Plus

Tweet Been very interesting to read about the latest developments with payment processor and delivery software DigiResults. It looks as though they are positioning themselves to be a major competitor for Warrior+Plus. The recent update to the software has added the following features: WSO buy buttons to add to your post – these provide all kinds of trackin withint DigiResults,

Aug 4th, 2011
by Thom Lancaster

Warrior Forums Bans Rebates On WSOs

Tweet This has been something of a thorny issue for many marketers, is it acceptable to promote a WSO as an affiliate, and then offer buyers a rebate? The answer has come back as a definitive no! There's a lot of discussion about this on the Warrior Forum itself, but the crux of the reasoning is that this is creating

Aug 3rd, 2011
by Thom Lancaster

WordPress – The Key To WSO Profit

Tweet Have been active in and watching the WSO Forum for a long time, there's a new trend for the type of WSOs that sell best which is well worth knowing about. WordPress is ruling the roost. WordPress plugins, especially, are flying off the shelves. Many have excellent conversions (as you can see in Warrior+Plus) and these dominate the types

Jul 26th, 2011
by Thom Lancaster