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    Warrior Forums Bans Rebates On WSOs

    This has been something of a thorny issue for many marketers, is it acceptable to promote a WSO as an affiliate, and then offer buyers a rebate?

    The answer has come back as a definitive no!

    There's a lot of discussion about this on the Warrior Forum itself, but the crux of the reasoning is that this is creating a lower price than the WSO price itself, which is again the intention of the WSO rules.

    This all came to light through a new affiliate site, set up like many others, which was offering these rebates (sometimes as much as 100% for WSOs). With that said, I've seen other Warriors doing this through their own email promotions.

    The most dangerous part?

    Not only would anyone offering rebates be banned from the Warrior Forum, but the affiliate WSOs they were promoting would also be banned (since they are now running contrary to the WSO rules).

    What this means is that you now have to be increasingly careful which WSOs you approve.

    From my reading of this, you can still offer bonuses to encourage people to buy WSOs through your link, providing there is no financial incentive. Now, I personally don't even see the need for bonuses, as most WSOs are priced so keenly that this isn't worth the administrative headache. But that option is there.

    And, above all, follow the advice from the Warrior Forum itself.

    If you're thinking of offering any kind of service promoting WSOs which is all innovative, make sure that you contact the Warrior Forum Helpdesk and get explicate permission first.

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    Aug 3rd, 2011


    • Peggy says:

      Hi Thom,
      So when you say "you can still offer bonuses to encourage people to buy WSOs through your link, providing there is no financial incentive", you mean one can offer a bonus of say, an additional product, but can't offer a bonus of money. Correct?

    • Hi Peggy, yes I probably didn't express it very well.


      There's been a very busy thread taking place at Earn1KADay (recommended for anyone serious about developing as a marketer and being surrounded by a supportive community), filled with ideas about how this affects marketing. The original Warrior Forum thread has since been removed.


      From what I read, offering an additional bonus is totally fine. I don't think it's worth the effort for a product below $10, but there are some very high value (and high priced) WSOs where this incentive would make a big difference. However, offering either a discounted price on the WSO, or a rebate, is totally out and liable to leave both the affiliate, and the original WSO creator, in hot water.


      There are advantages to this, of course. I personally don't want to be battling to promote products against someone who is undercutting me via rebates. I'd prefer a personal recommendation from me to carry some weight, as I am selective about which WSOs really offer value. With that said, there will be always be people who push the invisible boundaries of what's acceptable for WSO promotion, and part of being successful is working out exactly where they lie, and where your own ethical considerations match up.



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