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    Warrior Minority Report by Maria Gudelis

    Warrior Minority Report by Maria Gudelis exists for one reason only.

    To help you to get WSO Of The Day.

    Warrior Minority Report

    Getting WSO Of The Day is so important if you want to be known for your Warrior Special Offers, as it means that your WSO will be broadcast to a massive list of everyone who has purchased a WSO through WSO Pro. It's like the master list of every WSO prospect, ever!

    Plus, many of these people are trained to think that WSO Of The Day is an award, and a must-buy WSO. It's like adding hundreds of extra sales to your front end (and any upsells you offer) without having to lift a figure.

    Here's what Maria offers with Warrior Minority Report.

    It's a spreadsheet capturing details of 77 WSOs Of The Day, so you can see exactly what makes WSO Pro owner Mike Lantz pick a particular offer. One thing that might stick out to you straight away is the price point. That's a great training tool about how to position your WSO.

    You'll also notice the topics that generally do well.

    Maria throws in a short training video which will really help you to aim your next Warrior Special Offer towards WSO Of The Day.

    Warrior Minority Report is a really clever product, which anyone who runs WSOs should have a copy of.


    Achieve WSO Of the Day and get your copy of Warrior Minority Report by following this link now.

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    Sep 4th, 2011

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