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    Warrior+Plus Adds 1-Click Autoresponder Integration

    One new feature I've just seen quietly added to Warrior+Plus is one-click integration with GetResponse for customers.

    That means, when a customer buys one of your WSOs, they can be automatically added to your GetResponse list through single optin. That means that they don't have to confirm their email address (which you know is valid, as it's their PayPal email address).

    Adding buyers to your list like this is perfectly valid.

    Now, JVZoo has had a similar feature for a while now, so this isn't exactly earth-shattering, but one thing I like about the Warrior+Plus implementation is that you can use an existing Warrior+Plus account rather than having to sign up for a new one.

    Something else to consider when considering which sales platform to go through for WSOs.

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    Apr 21st, 2013

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