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    Warrior+Plus Adds Advertising Option

    A new development on the Warrior+Plus system for delivering WSOs.

    The Request Affiliate Offers page (where affiliates go to check out the stats of the different offers available), now shows five paid offers prominently at the top of the page.

    These paid offers start at $100 each per day, and rise according to various factors relating to timing and placement.

    This new advertising does detract from the latest offers, particularly as it appears on every filtered page as well (e.g. if you just want to see the offers of a particular Warrior, you'll also see all the paid offers from other Warriors).

    The new option isn't cheap, but I'm sure it's effective. I'd be interested to hear from any WSO creators who have tried out this service, how it works for them,

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    Apr 12th, 2012

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