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    Warrior+Plus Adds Time Limited Scarcity Pricing

    Warrior+Plus has quietly added a great new option for sellers who release WSOs through WSO Pro.

    For a long time, dime sale pricing has been available. That's where the price of a product goes up in a linear fashion every few sales.

    Now time limited scarcity is available. That works in a similar way to dime sale pricing, but instead the price goes up with units of time. For instance, you can say that the price rises every hour, or every day.

    This is an excellent way to add a discount for early buyers. You can freeze the price for the first hour of the launch (to let everyone get in as an "early bird" and then let the price go up regularly from there).

    If the old dime sale model is getting old for you, this is definitely something to try, and you may well find that the novelty factor really pays off with your future WSOs.

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    Jun 20th, 2012

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