Warrior+Plus Affiliate Goldmine

This is one of my favourite of my own WSOs, as it shows you exactly how you can promote other people's WSOs and make instant PayPal commissions from them.

If you've not used the affiliate section of Warrior+Plus before, it can be hard to know where to start or which sections to click on. The statistics for WSOs are also confusing, making it difficult to know which ones to promote.

Warrior+Plus Affiliate Goldmine is a video training course, walking through how to use the WSO Pro interface. The videos are short, snappy and to-the-point.

Even better, the videos come with Private Label Rights and you're allowed to resell and edit these. Plus, full transcripts of the videos are included, so you could turn this into a report, or include these as a bonus.

This is essential training if you want to make money from successful WSOs run by other Warriors.


Click Here To Check Out Warrior+Plus Affiliate Goldmine

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Jul 26th, 2011


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