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    Warrior+Plus Five Figure Secrets by Steve Peters Benn

    I've said many times here on, how important it is now for you to be using the WSO Pro system for selling WSOs, which is part of Warrior+Plus.

    What many people don't realise is that this is an incredibly powerful system for all things WSO related, whether you want to release WSOs of your own, or even if you want a mechanism by which you can profit from other people's WSOs.

    Warrior+Plus Five Figure Secrets by Steve Peters Benn is a very clever product, in which Steve reveals all of his secrets for using Warrior+Plus to his advantage, and believe me, these go far beyond any similar course of this type.


    Five Figure Warrior+Plus Secrets


    This is a packed video course, which also includes many case study bonuses, but some of the areas covered include:

    – how to use Warrior+Plus to research WSO ideas and topics. There are all sorts of features of Warrior+Plus that don't get used, and ways to access Warrior+Plus from outside Warrior+Plus too (if that makes any sense).

    – how to sell WSOs using WSO Pro, and to maximise your returns. Steve includes his methods for pricing and attracting affiliates.

    – how to promote other people's WSOs as an affiliate (this section's relatively short and many of us do this already, but Steve has some tricks).

    – how to support your customers after the WSO is over (this is useful for reducing refunds)

    I recommend this training package totally. Steve has made a lot of money using Warrior+Plus, and it's very rare to see a Warrior go into so much depth about the tactics that are working for them. Warrior+Plus Five Figure Secrets totally delivers.


    Here's where you can get your copy of Warrior+Plus Five Figure Secrets.

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    Jul 30th, 2011

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