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Webinar Swipes by Leanne King and Nigel Roberts

Do you know the feeling when there are just too many interesting webinars to watch, but there's no way you would ever have the time to watch them.

The new service,  Webinar Swipes by Leanne King and Nigel Roberts, has set out to change all that.

Webinar Swipes WSO

What happens is that Leanne and Nigel watch a number of the big new webinars themselves each month, and provide a summary of the main points.

You can use this to get all the highlights for the webinar without having to be there live (particularly useful if there is only a small amount of content in the webinar), as well as see if it is worthwhile watching the whole webinar.

Webinar Swipes is currently available at a special introductory price, so make sure you grab the coupon code in the Warrior Special Offer thread and use that when you make your order.

Follow the link below to get the Webinar Swipes WSO:


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Aug 11th, 2011

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