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    WordPress Mail Ads by Martin Crumlish and Andy Bailey

    Have you ever thought just how many automated emails WordPress sends out to your readers and subscribers every single day? With a popular blog, you're talking hundreds of them.

    WordPress Mail Ads by Martin Crumlish and Andy Bailey is a really clever WordPress plugin that you can add to your blog to show a message or advertisement with every single mail.

    Wordpress Mail Ads

    There are lots of ways you can use this plugin, but a simple way would be to just include an advert for one of your products (or an affiliate link to another product). WordPress sends its emails in text format, so make sure you include the 'http://' in front of the link. In most email software, this will immediately become clickable.

    Just think. If you have a lot of WordPress blogs, you can be sending out hundreds of emails every day. This plugin allows you to put this to your financial advantage.

    You can sending out emails to new commenters, people who subscribe to your posts, people who register accounts with your WordPress blogs, and in many other ways.

    A cool method would be to set up a multi-user WordPress blog site, and to install this plugin as the default configuration. For everyone who registers a blog, you've got a massive marketing opportunity there with the right set of default plugins.

    The developer licence for WordPress Mail Ads is very powerful and comes highly recommended as offering excellent value for money.


    Here is where you can get your own copy of WordPress Mail Ads:


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    Jul 26th, 2011

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