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    WordPress – The Key To WSO Profit

    Have been active in and watching the WSO Forum for a long time, there's a new trend for the type of WSOs that sell best which is well worth knowing about.

    WordPress is ruling the roost.

    WordPress plugins, especially, are flying off the shelves. Many have excellent conversions (as you can see in Warrior+Plus) and these dominate the types of WSOs that are posted each day.

    All you need is a great idea for a WordPress plugin, and you can have it produced for you, by finding an outsourcer.

    A good plugin is anything that will make WordPress more efficient, lead to more sales, appeal to a particular niche of people, or just generally change the way that WordPress works and looks to benefit marketers.

    As well as that, WordPress themes and tutorials still continue to sell well, so those are other possibilites worth considering.

    Do take advantage of the trend towards WordPress plugins whilst this market is so hot.

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    Jul 26th, 2011

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