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    I bet, if you've any sense, you're like me and you know all the advantages of using WordPress to create content sites. WordPress is excellent for content management, search engine optimisation and makes it easy to create fantastic sites with no technical knowledge.

    But, do you know that you need to protect yourself legally to create successful sites? Even to display something so simple as adverts from Google, you need pages to say what you are doing with personal data and how everything is above board.

    WP Legal Pages Plugin by Jameson Brandon is a simple and cost-effective solution, which automatically adds a set of standard legal pages to your blog.

    WP Legal Pages Plugin

    You don't need to spend ages worrying about the content, or messing about with the layout. This plugin is ultra-simple and does all of that hard work for you.

    As well as a Standard Disclaimer and Earnings Disclaimer, you also get an automatically generated Privacy Policy and a Terms Of Service page. Plus, you can use this on all your blogs for one low price, and if you're not sure how to install WP Legal Pages, video training is provided.

    This is well worth investing in to protect yourself online.


    Check out the WP Legal Pages Plugin:


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    Nov 13th, 2011

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