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    Writing Klatch Group Coaching by Shay Rockhold

    Freelancing writing is a great profession to have. You're your own boss and you set your own hours, perfect to work around other committments, or for those people who want to work from home. But sometimes it can be hard to find clients and get started bringing in an income.

    Writing Klatch Group Coaching by Shay Rockhold offers an excellent training ground from a successful writer. Shay started freelance writing for many of the reasons mentioned and has now graduated to create her own information products using the knowledge she gained as a freelancer. Her weekly group coaching covers all of this ground.

    Writing Klatch Group Coaching

    The coaching has both webinar and email components, so you can benefit from Shay's guidance. In my mind, the best part is the weekly webinar, where you can see Shay speak and get her to answer your questions and show you her techniques (these are all recorded in case you can't attend live and you can submit questions in advance).

    There are also weekly emails provided as part of the training, covering everything from setting up your business to start to create your own products (I know the length at which Shay writes her emails, so you can think of these as almost mini reports).

    One thing I really like about Shay is that she's always accessible and happy to help.

    I think this is a bargain at this low price for individual attention from someone who really has accomplished everything in the world of freelance writing. Whether you want to write for others, or just write better for yourself, you'll find the help with the Writing Klatch WSO.

    Get your admission to the Writing Klatch Group Coaching right now…


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    Nov 2nd, 2011

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