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    WSO Success Planner by Alex Goodall

    This is everything you need to really launch a WSO!

    WSO Success Planner by Alex Goodall gives you access to a fully systemised planning system for launching WSOs that will make sales.

    WSO Success Planner

    The fact is that its the biggest launches with the right push behind them (think JV partners) on board that have the most impact and make the most profit.

    And, normally you need to hire a JV manager to get everything planned fully and launches to its fullest potential.

    Not, with WSO Success Planner. That removes that expensive step (we're talking thousands of dollars for some of the best WSO JV managers and launch managers) and makes it easier for a cost well below a single WSO bump.

    There are two main components, each of which come in the form of powerful spreadsheets, and are accompanied by video training.

    First, you get the Launch Scheduler. This is a powerful Project Management tool (think Microsoft Project) but already laid out for you. Just change the dates and schedule to see how this best works for you. There are even sample dates included to make everything easy.

    Then, you get the Price Modeller. This is really useful. You can see how Dime Sale pricing will change the launch, plan out upsell and OTO sequences, even consider the impact that difference affiliate commissions will have on your bottom line.

    Even if you struggle with Maths and figures, you'll find that these calculations are easy to follow, and they really will make a difference to the bottom line of your WSOs.

    I've not seen a comparable product on the market before and so I recommend WSO Success Planner to anyone who releases (or plans to release) Warrior Special Offers.


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    Jun 24th, 2012

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