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    WSO Superstar Code by Andy Scout

    If you're at all involved with Warrior Special Offers, whether this is through running WSOs, or promoting WSOs, you really need to be aiming towards the coveted WSO Of The Day.

    The WSO Of The Day simply sells hundreds (and something thousands of copies). You not only get an income, but also all those leads to sell to in the future (hence why it's really important to run WSOs as well as provide them).

    But, how do you get the WSO Of The Day accolade? WSO Superstar Code by Andy Scout provides the best answer I've seen (although I couldn't confirm Andy's surname, so this is my best guess!). What Andy has done is he's statistically analysed 851 WSOs, all of which sold a minimum of 100 copies, to assess what makes them sell.

    WSO Superstar Code

    And how many copies sold is key towards getting WSO Of The Day, or getting other affiliates on board (there are some other big affiliates, who can be nearly as valuable as the WSO Of The Day itself).

    As well as providing hot topics, you'll also discover when to launch your WSO for best results, the commission rates that make you the most money, and much more.

    The result is a well-presented 24 page PDF, which is easy to follow (you don't need to be a statistician) and provides you with immediate actionable information. All these components will add to your sales and make your WSO more successfully.

    There are some closely aligned bonuses as well, including studies of high performing WSOs, which are supported directly by the Warriors who launched them. You can find out exactly why they did what they did.

    To be honest, there is one subject that stands out across this WSO as an absolutely winner. If you just make a WSO in that area, you'll recover the cost of buying this many times over.

    I recommend this to anyone serious about running Warrior Special Offers as a business or hobby.


    Get WSO Superstar Code now and prepare for your WSO Of The Day…

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    Oct 28th, 2011

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