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Here are all the latest tips to help you go further with Warrior Special Offers.

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WSOs Don’t Work – People Do!

Tweet I just came across this great quote on the Warrior Forum and thought that I had to share it. "WSOs Don't Work – People Do!" It really brings to a tee both the advantages and disadvantages of working within the WSO space. There are a lot of very powerful WSOs, which, if applied correctly, stand to make their buyers

Jul 22nd, 2013
by Thom Lancaster

Relaunching WSOs For 2013

Tweet One way that I've observed people being successful with their WSOs already in 2013 is taking an old WSO and relaunching it. The best thing to do is to update the WSO in some form. If it's an information product, you might be able to add some more case study examples. Otherwise, some videos expanding on the WSO, or

Jan 3rd, 2013
by Thom Lancaster

This Is A Paid Advertisement

Tweet Here's a tip I've picked up from watching the latest trends in the Warrior Forum. Several sellers have now started putting "This is a paid advertisment by …" and then including their details at the bottom of their WSOs. I think that this is a good idea. It removes some of the off-topic comments and attempts at sabotage that

Dec 2nd, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

How To Sell Non-Internet Marketing Products As Warrior Special Offers

Tweet Quite simply put, Warrior Special Offers sell best to Internet Marketers. If you're not producing a product aimed at that niche, for instance, you create a tutorial guide to flower arranging, them that won't sell well as a Warrior Special Offer. But, there are ways to monetise content like that and to sell it as a WSO. The best

Aug 29th, 2012
by Thom Lancaster

About Those “Gaming Google” Products

Tweet A mini rant, but one that you might find useful if you're either a WSO buyer or WSO seller. One type of WSO that has been doing well recently is the "Gaming Google" type WSO. That's the type of WSO that claims to show you how to rank in Google quickly and for very little effort. These products can

Jun 21st, 2012
by Thom Lancaster