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    WSO Vip Group Coaching Pro by Steve Peters Benn

    This is now reopened (and expanded) for July 2012 – Get In Quick!


    This is one of those WSOs which is priced far higher than the type of products that I would normally go for, but from personal experience, I know that I have to recommend it.

    WSO VIP Group Coaching Pro by Steve Peters Benn is simply the best WSO coaching around, to help you to have a hit WSO.

    WSO VIP Group Coaching Pro WSO


    It's a four week training programme, with daily video training, and weekly tasks to complete, by the end of which you'll have a WSO which is destined to succeed. I have personally taken this coaching, so can confirm that it's well structured and the teaching is innovative.

    Steve have access to a lot of statistics about why WSOs succeed and fail (through his own tools, so far more WSO statistics than are easily available elsewhere), and as he'll show you during the coaching, this is most of the battle towards a successful WSO. You also get Steve's support all the way through, which is priceless, but most importantly you get his support when you launch your WSO, which should mean lots of extra sales for you.

    Be warned that places for this fill up quickly, so if there are still spaces when you check, make you snap one up quickly.


    Update For 2012

    This is now a 7 week training course (instead of 4), with loads of updated content and many successful Warriors with multiple WSO Of The Days available inside.

    Get your entry to the WSO VIP Group Coaching Pro now…

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    Jul 2nd, 2011


    • This is reopened now for the final delivery for 2011.

      Very limited seats remain – so, sorry if this has closed by the time you get there.

      Do check out what you get. This is a moderately large investment, but delivers many times that value from the mailing and contacts alone.

    • This is a very popular training, which has led to many top WSOs, but it's currently closed. In the meantime, I recommend you check out Steve Peters Benn's Other Training Products (they are all top quality).

    • Now reopened for the first run of 2012. This always sells out quickly, so check the link in the first post if you want to participate and have a lot of success with Warrior Special Offers.

    • If you’re considering this one, jump on fast.

      The July 2012 session has just opened (hence why I’ve bumped this back up to the top of the reviews) and this has been expanded yet again – making 7 weeks of coaching every week day (plus weekly Q&A sessions, reviews, and all the other goodies).

      This one’s bound to sell out quickly, so do take advantage of the coaching now:

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