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    WSOs Don’t Work – People Do!

    I just came across this great quote on the Warrior Forum and thought that I had to share it.

    "WSOs Don't Work – People Do!"

    It really brings to a tee both the advantages and disadvantages of working within the WSO space.

    There are a lot of very powerful WSOs, which, if applied correctly, stand to make their buyers money.


    All of those WSOs require some work.

    It might be work in the form of further learning to fill in the gaps.

    It might be work in the form of time and effort investment to get going with the process.

    It might even mean working for someone else (there are a lot of WSOs out there telling you how to find work on the Internet).

    Moving to Internet Marketing, as taught through WSOs, doesn't mean moving away from a job.

    And, if you ever find a WSO that says otherwise, they're flat out lying.

    For me, the best WSOs are ones that make me a bit more efficient, provide me with a slight edge, or let me have another method to add to the ones I know.

    The beginners to winners courses don't very often end up at the low end WSO market.

    Talking about work can be a dirty word, but if you go in with the right mindset, ready to put the time in, you can do very well from the information and resources contained within many WSOs.

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    Jul 22nd, 2013

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